Aeronautics Industry

Experience and know-how in mechanical characterization and advanced material models.

We offer to our customers of the aeronautics industry the best services for solving new problems related with the development of materials and/or applications.

Servicios orientados a este sector:

Failure analysis

Study of components and welded joints of the aeronautics industry to determine the reason for their failure in manufacturing or in-service.

We also offer a rigorous analysis in order of proposing redesigns or improvement treatments oriented to maximize the quality avoiding the failure to occur again.

Fracture mechanics

Mechanical characterization of exotic materials

Experience in the mechanical characterization of all types of materials.

In addition, we have developed an exclusive technology to obtain the mechanical properties of singular components, such as those of small size and/or complex geometry.

We offer rigorous and effective analysis of the mechanical behavior of all types of exotic materials.

Consultancy in materials and joining technologies

Technical advice for the selection of the most suitable materials and manufacturing processes depending on the final application.

Previous metallurgical studies for the definition of welding parameters, as well as the optimization of sequences to minimize residual stresses and to improve to the maximum the mechanical behavior, starting from the design phase. With our techniques, we are able to predict metallurgy and final mechanical properties after welding all types of material.

Corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement

Technical support for the solution of corrosion problems in all types of material, analyzing the causes and proposing palliative and/or preventive solutions.

Moreover, we have developed innovative and exclusive techniques to analyse the phenomenon of hydrogen embrittlement using very small portions of material.

This way, we obtain quickly and economically the response of the components against this phenomenon. We are even able to analyse at a micro-detailed level the mechanical behaviour of the HAZ of welded joints.

Hydrogen assisted cracking

Additive Manufacturing

We offer support for the design of parameters and strategies in additive manufacturing, as well as the mechanical characterization of final products.

We are currently involved in R&D projects to apply the numerical and experimental techniques that we have developed to the field of additive manufacturing.

Prediction of mechanical and metallurgical properties depending on the manufacturing process.

Exclusive experimental mechanical characterization of final products, being able to analyze different zones and directions in the same piece.

Characterization of residual stresses.

Khisgroup - Aditive manufacturing

Increase in durability of components (shot peening, hammer peening...)

We have advanced tools for the design of mechanical treatments, such as shot peening, hammer peening, needle peening, etc., which improve fatigue and vibration behavior of components.

Our experimental technologies allow us to obtain adjustment parameters of advanced material models that are employed in numerical simulations, allowing the adaptation to any geometry or material, defining the optimal parameters of the treatment for each particular case.

We experimentally validate all our designs, thus giving the maximum guarantee of quality.

Finally, we have the best technology partners to offer turnkey solutions and industrialize our designs.

Shot Peening - KHISGROUP

Numerical simulation

Experience in the simulation of all types of industrial processes, including special processes of welding, heat treatment, forming and surface treatment.

Numerical models are validated by means of advanced experimental techniques, which we have developed and tested in an industrial context, increasing the reliability of the simulations.

Our know-how allows our clients to reduce launching times and manufacturing costs and to eliminate unexpected non-quality costs.

All type of structural numerical simulation is also offered, including fatigue assessments, optimization of geometries, materials and thicknesses, etc.

We use commercial simulation tools of high quality, but also subroutines and exclusive software developed by our spin-off.


More than 20 years of experience in the high precision welded mechanical industry have allowed us to develop new methodologies of practical application in design, execution, and advanced quality control of welded joints.

Our techniques ensure the repeatability of special processes, guaranteeing next generation welding (Next Weld) with B+ quality level with zero defects.

We offer process design and treatments that maximize fatigue life.

We minimize the effects of unfavourable residual stresses, we eliminate problems of cold differed cracking, hot cracking, decarburization, corrosion, etc.