Energy Industry

We help our energy industry clients to solve problems related with the breakage of components.

We cooperate as well designing specific treatments for the mechanical properties and fatigue life improvements, increasing the quality and safety of every structural component.

Sector oriented services:

Failure analysis

We offer rigorous analysis of failures that can occur during life service of structural components.

The aim is to obtain the actions and mechanisms that made the failure to take place (fracture mechanics, fatigue, corrosion…), in a bid to avoid its event in the future proposing corrective and/or preventive actions.

Hydrogen Induced Cracks

Fatigue and fracture characterization

We perform every type of fatigue and fracture test, including fatigue crack growth rate (FCGR) test, under every normative (ISO, ASTM, ESIS, etc.). Possibility of testing at low or high temperature.

We also have developed new techniques for the fracture toughness characterization when conventional methodologies are not applicable (singular components, heat affected zones, etc.).

Moreover, we offer customized tests of whole components or welded joints.

We experimentally determine detail categories (FAT classes) and stress intensity factors, as well as residual stress levels.

khisgroup - fracture mechanics

Consulting services in materials and joining technologies

We help our clients to select the materials and the manufacturing processes that guarantee the maximum quality of all components in their final application (overloads, aggressive environments, corrosion, fatigue, etc.).

Corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement

Experience in research and solutions related with every type of corrosion (pitting, hydrogen attack, etc.).

We have developed innovative techniques for the hydrogen embrittlement analysis by means of small samples of material, thus obtaining in a quick and economic way the mechanical behavior of the components in contact with aggressive environments.

Hydrogen assisted cracking

Design of repairs and preventive solutions

We offer the solution against different structural integrity problems that could take place in every type of power plant (wind farms, thermosolar plants, offshore, etc.).

We evaluate and arrest the growth of defects detected during the inspection campaign (cracks, corrosion…).

We offer as well preventive solutions, acting at the stages of materials selection, design and manufacturing, in order of maximizing the allowable cycles and the safety of the components.

Fusion for Energy (F4E)

We support big companies and consortiums in the frame of Fusion for Energy (F4E), contribution of the European Union to the ITER project.

We offer all the potential of our innovative techniques for material characterization, welding and engineering. We provide added value to any kind of work focused on the development, manufacturing or improvement of components for the new nuclear fusion reactor.


Improvement of welds and components

We advise our clients for the most suitable setup of the variables of the manufacturing and welding processes, as well as prewelding, postwelding, heat, surface and mechanical treatments.

Optimization of the quality and mechanical response of components and welds in a repetitive way.

We quantify the improvements by means of innovative analysis techniques and mechanical and metallurgical numerical simulations.

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Category detail optimization

Category detail (FAT class) determine the fatigue life of a component. We have developed techniques to optimize the category detail, acting over materials, geometries and manufacturing processes, including welding.

We design and provide treatments to increase the durability of structures and singular components during manufacturing, setting up or maintenance stops.

If necessary, we guarantee the improvements by means of mechanical tests.

For further information, consult our experts: we are able to multiply by a factor greatest than 2 the original in-service life of a component.

Mejora clase FAT KHISGROUP

Non-destructive test (NDT) post processing

Analysis of all the data obtained by every type of NDT.

We evaluate the level of degradation, establishing damage categories in function of the criticalness.

Determination of the root causes and design of repairs and/or preventive solutions.

Structural health and design of inspection plans

Innovative solutions to define both inspection plans and preventive non-destructive methods that assure the in-service behavior required by our customers.

Definition of the most suitable inspection methodologies, codes, standards, and size of the statistical sample to guarantee the structural integrity. Definition of the calibration blocks.

At the end, we offer the most cost-effectively solution against in-service elements premature ruptures, due to static or dynamic phenomenon, under normal or aggressive environments (corrosion or elevated temperatures).

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