Petrochemical Industry

Our experience and knowledge developed during years of industrially applied research, as well as our innovative techniques for the analysis and improvement of the performance of industrial components are of great interest to the petrochemical industry.

We actively participate in R&D projects related to hydrogen embrittlement in components for the petrochemical industry.

Our services for the petrochemical industry:

Failure analysis

Study of components and welded joints of the petrochemical industry to determine the reason for their failure in manufacturing or in-service.

We also offer a rigorous analysis in order to propose redesigns or improvement treatments oriented to maximize the quality, avoiding the failure to occur again.

Possibility of designing inspection plans to ensure the structural integrity of components or welded joints similar to that presents the failure.


Increase of life of critical equipment

We offer the increase of the in-service life of all type of equipment multiplying the original life by factors of up to 2.25.

We have the knowledge, the latest techniques and the equipment to perform fatigue life improvement treatments that can be applied under different codes and recommendations, such as ASME Sec. VIII (pressure vessels) or DNVGL-RP-C203 (offshore structures).

Solutions applicable to in-service equipment to extend its life or to equipment in phases of design and manufacture are now available.

In the case of in-service equipment, we are able to analyze the manufacturing processes and to obtain information through NDTs oriented to evaluate the most non-conservative situation. We offer a totally safe solution to the client from the most unfavorable case of fatigue life. In addition, we guarantee the results by means of experimental tests.

Structural assessment by the finite element method

We perform all type of numerical simulation and structural calculations under different codes, including fatigue calculations, optimization of geometries, materials and thicknesses, etc.

We use high quality commercial simulation tools, but also subroutines and exclusive software developed by our spin-off.

If necessary, we obtain inputs from in-service structural elements through mechanical tests or NDTs.


Corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement

Technical support for the solution of corrosion problems in all types of materials, analyzing the causes and proposing repairs and/or preventive solutions.

We have innovative techniques to analyse the phenomenon of hydrogen embrittlement using very small samples of material. This is of great interest to analyse all types of components that will work in contact with aggressive environments of hydrogen (hydrocarbons, etc.).

This way, we obtain quickly and economically the response of the against this phenomenon, being able to even analyse at a micro-detailed level the mechanical behaviour of the HAZ of welded joints in all types of materials.

Design of repairs

We support Engineering (design/services), Manufacturers and End Users of capital goods of the petrochemical industry to solve all types of problems related to structural integrity.

We design repairs for any type of problem or defect, improving the quality and durability of any type of construction.

If necessary, we advise for the implementation of preventive solutions, which can be oriented to the design, manufacture or in-service life.

Repair Design

Non-destructive test (NDT) post processing

Analysis of all the data obtained by every type of NDT.

We evaluate the level of degradation, establishing damage categories in function of the criticalness.

Determination of the root causes and design of repairs and/or preventive solutions.

NDT Ultrasonic

Structural health and design of inspection plans

Innovative solutions to define inspection plans and preventive non-destructive methods that assure the in-service behavior required by our customers.

Definition of the most suitable inspection methodologies, codes, standards, and size of the statistical sample to guarantee the structural integrity. Definition of the calibration blocks.

At the end, we offer the most cost-effectively solution against in-service elements premature ruptures, due to static or dynamic phenomenon, under normal or aggressive environments (corrosion or elevated temperatures).