Specialised Manufacturers

Our knowledge and exclusive techniques help to improve quality and durability of special products, as those developed for the medical industry.

We advise manufacturers to obtain optimum performance products.

Our specialised services:

Analysis and quality control of singular products

Disponemos de una combinación de conocimiento y tecnología que nos permite analizar el comportamiento mecánico de componentes pequeños o de geometría compleja, en los que no es posible realizar una caracterización mecánica convencional.

Estudiamos el comportamiento mecánico de la pieza, diferenciando incluso diversas zonas de la misma. Analizamos la influencia de diferentes variables del proceso de fabricación (conformado, tratamientos superficiales, etc.) de una manera rápida y económica, ofreciendo una información muy valiosa a nuestros clientes para la mejora de sus productos.

Detailed characterization of final products

We have developed solutions to evaluate the mechanical behavior of components that, given their complex characteristics, cannot be characterized by conventional techniques.

This allows us, for example, to evaluate the influence of different variables, not only referring to the final product itself, but also to the manufacturing process.

In-service life improvement

Based on a strong knowledge of heat and mechanical treatments, we help our customers in the choice and optimization of the best manufacturing processes for their products and maximizing their mechanical strength and inservice life (allowable work cycles).

We use advanced numerical simulations to support the design of the treatments and validate our solutions through laboratory tests, providing evidence of the improvement achieved.

Material selection

We are a multidisciplinary team able to support our customers in the selection of materials suitable for the final application of their products, maximizing performance and quality and minimizing manufacturing costs.

Finite element analysis

We use the most advanced numerical simulation tools, always following criteria of maximum rigor and responsibility.

We rely on the knowledge of our team on advanced material models, using inputs that are obtained through laboratory tests, assuring the maximum reliability of the numerical models.

ACL reconstruction

Additive Manufacturing

We offer support for the design of parameters and strategies in additive manufacturing, as well as the mechanical characterization of final products.

We are currently involved in R&D projects to apply the numerical and experimental techniques that we have developed to the field of additive manufacturing.

Prediction of mechanical and metallurgical properties depending on the manufacturing process.

Exclusive experimental mechanical characterization of final products, being able to analyze different zones and directions in the same piece.

Characterization of residual stresses.


More than 20 years of experience in the high precision welded mechanical industry have allowed us to develop new methodologies of practical application in design, execution, and advanced quality control of welded joints, for any kind of material.