Numerical Simulation

We have licenses of different commercial software of finite elemnts, such as ABAQUS, as well as own developments and different restrcited codes for metallurgical simulation

List of services:

  • Advanced metallurgical simulation of steels
  • Calculation and optimization of hot spots and stress concentrators
  • Calculation of CCT diagrams in steels
  • Calculation of TTT diagrams in steels
  • Dynamic fatigue simulation
  • Explicit numerical simulation in high ratios of deformation (ballistics, blasting, impacts, etc.)
  • Modal analysis
  • Numerical simulation and experimental validation of heat treatments
  • Numerical simulation of components and structures using finite elements (ABAQUS code and customized developments)
  • Numerical simulation of manufacturing processes, welding, hot forming, cold forming
  • Numerical simulation of mechanical properties depending on the steelmaking process
  • Numerical simulation of the mechanical behavior of structural glass elements
  • Programming of analysis and post-processing algorithms
  • Simulation and numerical calculus
  • Transient, static and dynamic thermal simulation