Advanced and mnovative tools for analysmg ery type of component, structure and welded toint.

  • Consultancy for the selection of materiats and manufacturinig processes Design fer manufacturing (DFM)

  • Failure analysis of components, structures and welded Joints

  • Finite Element Analysis

  • Fractography

  • Metallographic Studies

  • Probabilistic analyzes for the pred1et1on of structural glass elements fractures

  • SEM microscopy with chemical analysis and evaluation

  • Structural lntegrity Analysis

We transfer all the knowledge from the University to the Workshop. 

  • Analysis and evaluation of components in the design phase

  • Calculation, design and machining of all types of test pieces (probes)

  • Design, validation and execution of all types of fatigue life improvement treatments: shot peening, hammer peening, etc.

  • Design, validation and execution of in situ fatigue life improvement treatments on components and welded joints in service

  • Design of unembrittling treatments

  • Design of heat treatments

  • Design of treatments for the relief of residual stresses in structures, components and welded joints

  • Detail design and engineering

  • Experimental simulation of heat treatments

  • Fatigue design of welded components and joints

We have a mechanical test lab with a wide variety of equipment with load capacities from 100N to 1MN (100 Tons).

  • Charpy at different temperatures
  • Chemical characterization of materials

  • Compression tests

  • Design
    /and execution of specific tests (customized)
    /and machining of customized test tools

  • Determination
    /of mechanical properties of structural glass by operational modal analysis
    /of S-N curves
    /of the flexural strength of glass under UNE EN 1288

  • Dynamic tests of structural materials including glass by means of operational modal analysis (OMA) (natural fecuencias, vibration modes, etc.)

  • Experimental
    /analysis of strains in all types of materials
    /determination of hotspots and stress concentrators
    /evaluation of the susceptibility of a material to hydrogen embrittlement

  • Fatigue
    /characterization (any type of material)
    /crack growth rate tests under different standards (ASTM E647, ISO 12108, etc.)
    /tests with rotary bending

  • Fracture characterization under different standards (ASTM E1820, ASTM E399, ASTM E1290, etc.)

  • High and low temperature
    /fatigue crack growth rate tests under different standards (ASTM E647, ISO 12108, etc.)
    /fracture characterization under different standards (ASTM E1820, ASTM E399, ASTM E1290, etc.)

  • Impact tests of soft body in structural glass under UNE EN 12600

  • Measurement of residual stresses by X-ray diffraction

  • Mechanical
    /characterization according to ASME IX (traction, bending, impact, macrographs and fracture)
    /characterization at high deformation ratios
    /characterization of structural glass using conventional and innovative techniques

  • Micromechanical
    /characterization in aggressive hydrogen environments
    /characterization of components obtained by additive manufacturing

  • Quality control in single components, small and/or complex geometry using innovative techniques

  • Resonance (high frequency) fatigue tests

  • Tensile characterization according to UNE-EN ISO 6892

  • Tests
    /of components and structures (load capacity up to 100 Tn)
    /of hardness and microhardness following different standards
    /with analysis by videocorrelation, even on real and/or complex components

  • Wear Tests

Experience and innovative techniques for non-destructive testing of all types of components, structures and welding joints.

  • Design of inspection plans and technical advice

  • Determination of mechanical properties of in-service components and welded joints

  • Evaluation of all types of NDTs, detecting and evaluating risks

  • Evaluation of the degree of deterioration of in-service components

  • Metallographic replicas according to ASTM E1351, including detection and evaluation of metallurgical risks

Experience in development and managment of R&D projects, as well as in different regional, national and european calls.

  • Design of research and development plans

  • Outsourced R&D Department

  • Turnkey R&D projects: improvement and optimization of materials and processes

We have licenses of different commercial software of finite elemnts, such as ABAQUS,
as well as own developments and different restrcited codes for metallurgical simulation

  • Advanced metallurgical simulation of steels

  • Calculation
    /and optimization of hot spots and stress concentrators
    /of CCT diagrams in steels
    /of TTT diagrams in steels
  • Dynamic fatigue simulation

  • Explicit numerical simulation
    /in high ratios of deformation (ballistics, blasting, impacts, etc.)
    /and experimental validation of heat treatments
    /of components and structures using finite elements (ABAQUS code and customized developments)
    /of manufacturing processes, welding, hot forming, cold forming
    /of mechanical properties depending on the steelmaking process
    /of the mechanical behavior of structural glass elements
  • Programming of analysis and post-processing algorithms

  • Modal analysis

  • Simulation and numerical calculus

  • Transient, static and dynamic thermal simulation

Extensive industrial in welding. We have a welding lab equipped to reproduce any welding industrial process,
including laser welding (CO2, Nd-Yag, diode, cladding, plasma thermal projection…)

  • Advanced quality control in welded joints
  • Analysis
    /and evaluation of defectology
    /of deviations from the original WPS in welds already made

  • Calculation
    /and design of welded joints under different European and American codes
    /and optimization of welding sequences
    /and simulation of mechanical and metallurgical properties depending on the welding parameters

  • Cold & Hot cracking tests of welded joints

  • Consultancy in technologies of union (adhesives) and welding

  • CTS Testing

  • Defining and welding Test Coupons

  • Design
    /of post welding heat treatments (PWHT) and post mechanical welding treatment
    /of customized tools for the welding and temporary elements
    /of treatments for the containment of defects
    /of welded joints for infinite fatigue life requirements
    /of welding procedures (WPS and WPQR) under any regulations, including pre and post welding treatments
    /of welding procedures and removal of temporary elements

  • Design, testing and validation of repair procedures

  • Determination
    /of diffusible hydrogen according to UNE-EN ISO 3690
    /of mechanical properties and fracture toughness in areas affected by welding

  • Increase of fatigue life at welded joints

  • Joint calculation and optimization

  • Macro and micrographs according to UNE-EN ISO 17639

  • Micromechanical
    /analysis and characterization of welding processes
    /characterization of ZAT sub-zones of welded joints

  • Numerical
    /simulation of repairs by welding recharge
    /simulation of welding processes

  • Optimization of welding procedures

  • Plasma thermal projection overlay studies

  • Preventive Matrix Seals

  • Qualification of welding procedures

  • Robotization of welding processes

  • Solutions
    /for welding joint defects
    /to non-quality problems (defects, cracks during welding, degradation of mechanical properties, etc.)

  • Specific training in advanced welding and defectology

  • Weldability studies in processes: TIG, MIG, MAG, SMAW, SAW, PW, OW, RW

  • Welding studies in LASER and CLADDING LASER processes

“Ofrecemos soluciones donde las técnicas convencionales no llegan”

Para ello hemos desarrollado una serie de nuevas técnicas que nos permiten abordar con garantías problemas complejos. Todo ello basándonos en un profundo conocimiento, en la experiencia y en el dominio de nuevos métodos de análisis y procesos.