• Any material: carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, titanium, brass… Welding procedures can be qualified according to any international code.

  • Cost reduction: manpower cost can be reduced in more than a 50%, thanks to the saving in time and people, because the machine is very easy to use.The good finishing of the weld avoids to re-work. Minimum consumables (protection lens, nozzle, gas and deionized water).

  • Term reduction: both assembly and welding can be now performed by the same operator, working at a high speed (7 m/min can be reached by manual welding).

  • Increase quality: since a combination of high welding speed and a concentrated heat input can be employed, both deformation and heat affected zone are minimized.

  • Increase safety: radiations, smoke emissions and material heating are reduced, in comparison with traditional arc welding.

“We offer solutions where conventional techniques can’t reach”

We have developed a series of new tecm0Log1es that allow us to overcome with guarantee complex problems. We are based on a depth knowledge, experience and the mastery of new methodolog1es of analysis and processes